Electric and hybrid powertrain design and optimization

With technological advances in battery capacity and output, electrical vehicles are becoming a seriously viable option that offers great performance, lower cost of use fuel and significant emissions reductions.

We offer chassis dyno testing for HEVs and BEVs for regulated and non-regulated drive cycles, various driving styles and simulated RDE tests. We will provide you with full emissions measurements and basic power flow analyses.

Beyond testing we are able to offer vehicle modelling and evaluate different powertrain architectures, design of propulsion systems with ICE and e-motors, optimization of energy management and power flow analysis.

We will be expanding our services to be able to test HEVs powertrain on the engine bench, run advanced chassis dyno testing, a full power flow analysis for HEVs and BEVs, as well as research into battery testing and battery and motor emulation.

HEV current measurement
Velodyn model
HEV configurations