AGVES meeting


EMISIA participated in the first meeting of the Advisory Group on Vehicle Emission Standards (AGVES), held in Brussels on 19 July 2019.

An Advisory Group on Vehicle Emission Standards (AGVES) has been created by joining all the relevant expert groups working on emission legislation, in order to provide technical advice to the Commission for the development of the post-EURO 6/VI emission standards for motor vehicles. The first meeting of the AGVES took place in Brussels on 17 July 2019. In this first meeting a first presentation of the scope and contents of the scientific study was given.

Prof. Z. Samaras, co-founder of Emisia and director of LAT/AUTh, as coordinator of the consortium undertaking the consulting work, presented the general scope of the study. EMISIA has presented the results of the first draft deliverable on the review of international legislation.