FuVEP now runs a new Synthetic Gas Bench


A new Synthetic Gas Bench is now running at FuVEP facilities. The system is a state-of-the-art SGB by ILS (Integrated Lab Solutions) able for testing all available aftertreatment technologies, both catalysts and filters. Able to go up to 850°C the system uses more than 20 mass flow controllers fed by gas cylinders and water evaporators to produce the desired synthetic exhaust mixture. It can run a large variety of tests including steady state tests, temperature ramp profiles, lean/rich switching and dynamic tests simulating the engine operation during driving cycles. The gas mixture is analyzed by a FTIR system (AVL Sesam i60 FT SII) and a mass spectrometer (Pfeiffer Vacuum Thermostar) covering all species of interest in aftertreatment testing.