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Technology, legislation and demands on vehicles' performance never stand still. What was efficient enough for our vehicles or what we allowed them to emit yesterday is not acceptable today and definitely unacceptable tomorrow. In this ever evolving world we offer a comprehensive range of testing and analytical services that thoroughly examine and provide solutions for the efficiency and emissions testing of our vehicles including alternative fuel testing and all kinds of automobiles and other vehicles.

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Horiba OBS-ONE
Horiba OBS-ONE

Tailored consultancy service, vehicle

We are already lending our expertise to significant European research and innovation projects ranging from smart applications for efficient driving to shaping European legislation on emissions and vehicle technology. 
Consult us to cater to your needs and find the solutions you need. 


From time to time we offer courses to train you and your staff, PhD students and others in vehicle testing, modelling and innovative technology. We can arrange specific courses tailored to your needs.

Train your staff to become expert engineers