Know and optimise your engine to the finest detail

Ever increasing efficiency is the mantra of engineers. To achieve this it means adjusting parameters and configurations to get the very most out of your internal combustion engine, which also means reducing emissions. To do this well you need to see inside the engine and allow lasers and cameras to map and record the flow field and flame characteristics. Thanks to our one-of-a-kind transparent engine we can do just this. Every detail of the combustion process can be recorded, monitored and analysed to get the very best out of your engine. In combination with our parallel software modelling we are able to assist you to design all the features you need to best suit your engine.

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Tailored consultancy service

Flow field and combustion characteristics identification is a specialised business. We are ready to set up a consultancy arrangement with you if you need to validate an internal combustion engine computational code or if you just want to see the effect of changing some of the geometry or operational parameters to the mixing and combustion process inside the engine. We are ready to help you in whatever your project requires in cylinder optical measurements and in-cylinder computational fluid dynamics calculations.

Train your staff to become expert in optical measurements

Take advantage of our expertise to train your staff or students in the very latest knowledge and working practices through one of our seminar, workshop and on-line programs, in the field of in-cylinder optical measurements and simulations. We welcome collaboration with both industry and academic institutions that will help in bidirectionally expanding our knowledge and experience in relevant fields.

Train your staff to become expert engineers