Fuel & Lubricants

Explore the world of fuel and lubricants and all the new and varied options available to power engines today and in the future

We think outside the box when it comes to researching into the possible fuels that can be burned in all different kinds of automobile engines from normal gasoline and diesel to biofuels, gaseous and fuel mixtures, seeking solutions that provide efficient combustion and reduced emissions. In particular we are concerned with fuel characterization, bio fuel production and quality control. Our work in lubricants is geared towards research and testing of biologically produced oil and how lubricants and be used in engines.


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We have significant experience in offering research services to large OEMs regarding the effects of additives and biofuels on petrol and diesel engines and researching into engine durability, performance and safety. We have also undertaken projects regarding the effect of fully synthetic fuels as well as undertaking several projects for the fuel giant, CONCAWE. 

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As well as the aforementioned list of research and testing areas we can also advise and direct you in regulatory matters and the following areas related to fossil fuels (liquid, solid and gas), petroleum products and lubricants.

Property determination of liquid fuels
Octane Number, RVP, Flash point, Water Content, Carbon residue. 

Solid fuels
Ultimate analysis, ash, volatile matter, melting point of ash, calorific value. 

Pour point, cloud point, viscosity and viscosity index. 
Greases: penetration point, drop point, oxidation stability


From time to time we offer courses to train you and your staff, PhD students and others in vehicle testing, modelling and innovative technology. We can arrange specific courses tailored to your needs.

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