We have been on the front line to transform vehicles towards minimal environmental impact for decades. FuVEP is the culmination of all that effort and success. Our mission is to accelerate that process through key partnerships and advances in technology and to arrive at the goal of meeting humanity’s transport needs with minimal effect to the environment.

Practically our mission translates into a whole range of services from fuel, engine, powertrain and exhaust testing, optimisation and analysis to aftertreatment solutions, software simulations, research and legislative consultancy.

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Our academic partnerships strategically bring together experts across the whole process from fuel to exhaust, to work together as never before on optimising that whole process. The powertrain experts for example will use their knowledge and equipment to test various fuels and configurations, while the exhaust and vehicle departments can assist in emissions and aftertreatment solutions. Combined software modelling across the vehicle’s systems has led to an integrated approach that is in a real way advancing vehicle evolution with ground breaking and smarter solutions. 

Two world leading spin-off companies, Exothermia S.A. and Emisia S.A. in the area of emissions research, testing and design have come from us and partner closely with us to offer the fullest range of services. 

This one-of-a-kind inter-disciplinary research, made possible through these symbiotic partnerships, is the real format which makes the FuVEP vision possible and stand out as a leader in providing advanced services.

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Spin-off companies

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Our success is proven by our long list of front line clients from OEMs to key legislators who come back to us again and again for a range of solutions. Our long experience in dealing with ground breakers in the vehicle industry has helped us streamline our services for our clients’ benefit to get the best possible services and delivered in a timely manner.



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The center consists of the facilities of the three university partners, making a testing network able to cover experimental capabilities ranging from fuel and lubricants, to engines, vehicles and exhaust.

Τhe equipment of the center includes two chassis dynamometers (one single axle dyno and a two axle 150kW dyno able to run driving cycles and simulated RDE tests). Additionally, three engine test benches (350kW, 120kW and 250kW), two Synthetic Gas Benches (one in house made and one industrial unit able to simulate transient engine operations over driving cycles), two PEMS units for RDE testing, a transparent engine, a wide collection of analytical equipment for gaseous pollutants and particles and advanced fuel analysis equipment.

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The FuVEP team includes staff from across the three universities, with 7 professors, 10 senior researchers, more than 12 PhD students, more than 15 engineers, technicians and administrative employees.

Operational staff

Professor Zisis Samaras, Lab of Applied Thermodynamics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) – Supervisor for AUTh

Professor Antonis Tourlidakis, University of Western Macedonia (UoWM) – Supervisor for UoWM

Professor Dimitris Karonis, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) – Supervisor for NTUA

Dr. Dimitris Katsaounis, LAT/AUTh, Lab of Applied Thermodynamics, AUTh - Technical manager

Dr. Dimitris Kolokotronis, University of Western Macedonia (UoWM) - Co-director