We have a very strong relationship with our students. More than 200 diploma theses have been completed under the supervision of our professors and the support of our staff, since 2000.

We used our connections to help at least 30 of our students start an internship abroad. Half of them in vehicle manufacturers (Toyota, Peugeot) and the rest in automotive engineering companies and research institutions such as JRC, IAV, Bosch and ICCT. In the last years our graduates are constantly accepted to the French Institute of Petroleum for funded post-graduate studies. The Aristotle University Formula Student team "ART" have been supported by our lab from the very first beginning in 2007 and more than 15 students, members of the team have worked with us.

We have awarded 43 PhD degrees since 1975 and in the last 20 years, we achieve the completion of almost two PhDs each year. All our PhD candidates are funded by one or more research projects in which they actively participate. The result of this intense research activity is a production of 400 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals and conferences.

LAT/AUTh has a long history of successful graduates. Our former students, PhD candidates and employees exhibit an excellent record of academic career and high quality employment. Our records show that 31% is hired by our spin-off companies (Exothermia, Emisia, BIO2CHP), 15% hold professor positions in universities, around 16% work in vehicle manufacturers (Toyota, Peugeot, Renault, Fiat, DAF), 13% work in automotive engineering companies (AVL, IAV, FEV), and a considerable number cover positions in Greek and European public organizations (6%), Research Institutions like JRC (6%), factory supported racing teams like Toyota and McLaren (6%) and the industry (5%).